Grand Jury

Bessemer Division

The Grand Jury is a historic institution and serves an important role in our society. It is sometimes referred to as the “watchdog” of the community. The Court is responsible for appointing 18 Jefferson County Bessemer Division citizens to the Grand Jury each term. The Jefferson County Grand Jury Bessemer Division generally meets for one week every month. Special sessions and additional Grand Juries can be scheduled as needed. 


The Grand Jury’s duty is to receive complaints and accusations in criminal cases, hear the evidence presented on the part of the State of Alabama, and determine if there is probable cause for an indictment or formal legal charge. The Grand Jury protects people against unfounded prosecution. No felony case in Alabama can be tried without an indictment returned by a grand jury. 

The experience rewards Grand Jurors with the feeling that they have made their community a better place to live and have enhanced the freedoms we enjoy in this country by performing an important government service

The Facts About Serving as A Grand Juror


  A grand juror generally serves for two weeks over two months before being discharged. There is a significant time commitment that comes with serving as a Grand Juror. Grand Jury meetings are confidential and cannot be discussed publicly. The Alabama State Legislature determined it is essential to the fair and impartial administration of justice that all Grand Jury proceedings be secret and the secrecy remain inviolate.


Yes. Although this is primarily a civic responsibility, you are paid an expense allowance of $10 per day for jury service and reimbursement for mileage from the Administrative Office of Courts.